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Andrea Rowson

RWC Partner

Andrea is currently a training supervisor at the Children's Dyslexia Center of Columbus where she oversees all areas of curriculum, instruction, and practicum activities related to certification. She has extensive experience helping districts satisfy legal mandates related to Orton-Gillingham based reading instruction. Andrea has presented at several local, regional, and national conferences on the topics of compliance and multi-sensory reading instruction. She is also very well respected among parent groups who are advocating for research based services in their local schools. She believes that the child, family, and school all must work together to develop an effective multi-tiered reading intervention program. Andrea understands the cornerstone of any compliance initiative related to research based instruction is quality training and support for district teachers in the area of multi-sensory reading.

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Blythe Wood

RWC Partner

Blythe is currently the Associate Director of the Children's Dyslexia Center of Columbus.  She has an extensive history of teaching adults how to teach students with disabilities. She has worked in schools since 1992 in the capacity of teacher, trainer and school board member.  She has a concise understanding of how Orton-Gillingham practices are taught in schools and how to develop an effective multi-tiered reading plan of interventions. She is well respected in the Orton-Gillingham community and has presented at local, regional, and national Dyslexia conferences.  Blythe is currently Vice President and Board Member of the Central Ohio Dyslexia Association and has also chaired and presented at numerous International Dyslexia Association conferences. She has a genuine passion for helping teachers and school districts understand best practices in implementing multi-sensory reading instruction.

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