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Advantages of Choosing an Accredited Training Provider

Orton-Gillingham is a methodology that is accredited through several national organizations which work to ensure that Orton-Gillingham based instruction is provided with fidelity and integrity to its theoretical foundations.  Andrea and Blythe both hold advanced certifications through IMSLEC, IDA, and ALTA and are able to provide guidance on the advantages of training teachers within the frameworks of these organization. Districts that wish to build the capacity of having their own in-house trainer would be wise to choose a training program that is accredited.

Accreditation: Clients

Blythe and Andrea are both certified at the Dyslexia Therapist Level.


This organization accredits quality training courses. Blythe and Andrea are both graduates of Therapy Level programs and are currently completing Instructor of Therapy Level this year.


Individuals certified through an accredited program, are eligible to sit for a nationally recognized exam given by The Academic Language Therapy Association (ALTA).  Blythe and Andrea both hold CALP, ICALP, and CALT certifications through ALTA.

Andrea and Blythe are also certified Wilson Dyslexia Therapists through the Wilson Language Company.

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