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Developing Your OG Reading Program

Developing an Orton-Gillingham based reading program can be a substantial investment for school districts. Training teachers in multi-sensory literacy instruction makes sense in the context of a comprehensive, district-wide reading compliance plan. Sending a cohort of teachers to a weeklong training is only part of developing a reading program that will maintain its efficacy well into the future.  We help districts integrate best practices for literacy instruction across the district with emphasis on developing a screening and RTI program with integrity. The end result is a district-wide reading program that addresses key compliance issues related to dyslexia.

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Working with RWC Consulting

  • We analyze your district's current ability to provide multi-sensory reading instruction through staff surveys and document analysis in order to help develop an effective implementation plan that addresses short and long term program goals.

  • We have the ability to provide key professional development opportunities to target implementation goals.

  • We value our relationships with partner districts and maintain an ongoing relationship which ensures that your staff will be delivering Orton-Gillingham based instruction with integrity for years to come.

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